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Foot Fetish

Hidden Camera

Nica & Masopl


N e w   M o v i e

Licking soles and heels

The guy licks the girls' soles and heels very carefully. From time to time one of the girls stands on his chest just to make things difficult for him. After he licks their soles, the girls try to stick their whole shoes in his mouth. They stick two heels at a time in his face and one of them sticks her heel in his nostril.

Time: 16,29 min.
Let's dance on top of him

Two girls decided to dance on top of a guy. It starts out gentle but they get wilder with every minute. They jump, tap, and kick him in the head. The guy gets a rough treatment.

Time: 10.10 min.

Bear for trampling

Only action, action, action. There are no boring bits in the movie, only scenes where something interesting was going on, although I was lying on the ground for six hours. The bear is stomped, kicked, and the girls even dance on top of him. They do this to him 158 times. Many of them were curious about the bear and many of the girls were experiencing trampling for the first time. Some of them were nervous and others were climbing on top of him three at a time. You won't be bored with this film since something is always going on. There is a full selection of shoes, from high-heels to Doc Martens. The shots were filmed with two cameras so as not to miss any interesting scenes. I thank the organizers of SIC Wroclaw for the warm reception. The party was great and so were all the girls, who stomped, kicked, jumped or danced on top of the bear.
Tme: 1h.27.26 min.

L a s t   M o v i e

Human doormat

Trampling for beginners

Trampling 33

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17 standing girls in sneakers 2

In the bathroom

Multitrampling with 9 girls

Under the mattres 4

On the runway

5 trampling girls 3

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Pub 06



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Cock trample 15

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