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Merry Christmas 2019
This year Santa visited five girls. The sack was large, but there was nothing in it, it was all stuffed with rags. They immediately threw Santa on the floor and started kicking him and standing on him. They put the sack on top of him and all sat on it. Then each of them began to release their frustration by stomping and jumping on him, and kicking him in the stomach. Time: 7.38 min.
Captive 2
The boy is fastened in a pillory, his head lies on the weight. At first all six girls in white socks weigh themselves by standing on his head. In this way, their weight is unfortunately lowered. Then he puts his head on a pillow and the girls pass one by one on his head like this a few times, changing direction. Time: 11.49 min.
A small trample party 7
This film is a combination of all the clips: "Balloon 04" , "Bride" , "Flesh-colored hose" , "Merry Christmas 2019" , "Mummy 05" , "Sharp shoes" , "Trampling 34" , "Trampling in high heels" , "Trampling in pantyhose" , "Trampling in pantyhose 2" , "Trampling in pantyhose 3". Time:Time: 2h 11 min. 18 sec. Full Description

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