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N e w   M o v i e

Roadside hookers part 9

This film is a typically amateurish one shot with a camera phone. This is already the ninth episode featuring my friend looking for hookers on the street. This time he found a girl in high-heeled boots. She stepped on him first in shoes and then barefoot. She has really big feet.

Time: 12.26 min.
Carpet man 04

This is the fourth film where I appear as the human carpet. I am lying under the stairs wraped in a red carpet. There is a sign on the stairs saying „Carpet only for girls“ and everyone followed this rule and only the girls were stepping on me. The party was in a different town, and the people weren’t familiar with trampling and seemed very interested. Unfortunately, the camera recorded three hours, but I was lying there for six hours. Toward the end, several girls would stand on the carpet and take pictures. I already bought a bigger memory card and the next party will be filmed in its entirety. The film only features clips of girls walking on the carpet. Over a hundred girls walk on it. Time: 19.34 min.
Roadside hookers part 10

A typically amateurish film shot with a camera phone. This is one of many girls who already had clients whom she trampled before. She does it freely and doesn’t even worry when my friend whimpers in pain underneath her. There is no need to convince her to trample him, she does it with pleasure and doesn’t want to stop.

Time:13.02 min.

L a s t   M o v i e

Under the board 12

Fakir 2

Fetish house 01

Shoe collection 04 Aga

Roadside hookers part 8

Barefoot head trampling

Club trampling

Red and black

Roadside hookers part 7


R e m a s t e r e d

Dangle 2

Dangle 3

Hand trample 2

Phone booth 5

Pub 4

Dangle 4

Dangle 5

Dangle 6

Bridge 3

Dangle 1

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