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Multitrampling with 9 girls

First one of the girls explains the rules of trampling to the rest. Nine girls have to stand on a man lying on the ground for 8 minutes and none of them can touch the floor. During the first try, the girls climb on me in high-heels, but their heels dig into my legs so hard that I can't take it and so they quickly get off. Then we try again, but without shoes and its a lot better this time around, although the girls don't move that much; they just stand on my stomach and chest making it impossible for me to breathe. A few of them stood on their toes which caused additional pressure. Then another guy lies down. Girls in stockings, socks, and some barefoot get on top of him. They start to dance to the rhythm of the music. We decided to help him out, so two of us lie next to him so the girls have more room to trample. There are nine girls total and they walk all over three of us. They finally unwound and they switch places more often now; they also got used to trampling and they're starting to have fun. Six of them are doing this for the first time. At the end we decided to make the girls in high-heels follow the same rules: no stepping on the floor, only walking on the guy lying beneath them. One of them didn't have heels so she was out. Notice how the girl in the black mini-skirt and black stockings sticks her heels into his right leg. When it was over, he told us that he stopped the trampling because he couldn't take it anymore and showed us the bruises all over his thigh.

Time: 42.46 min.
First trampling 9

The film was made by accident, the cameras happened to be turned on. Six new girls came over. We wanted the girls to get used to trampling before the party started. They were doing this for the first time. They were a bit shocked at first, and were taking pictures, but they did well in the end.

Time: 9.17 min.

Carpet man 6

I am in Wroc?aw once again, at the SICI vol. 2 party. This time I’m wrapped in a white carpet. To my delight, it turned out that almost all the girls, or at least 80% of them, are new participants. We can assume that almost all of them had never done trampling before because it is not very well known over here. The girl in grey shoes on low heels is a very large woman, although you can’t tell by looking at her calves. She gave me the biggest workout during the party by jumping all over me. The girl in high heels with a lot of leather was very afraid of hurting me at first. Then you can see how she relaxed and got into it. She even invited her friend to join her in trampling me. After another session with the girl in grey shoes jumping on me, I decided to switch places with my friend. Now he will be lying on the floor. The girl in the green dress was great. She rubbed the soles of her shoes all over the guy’s face, as if to say that he is trash. Then she came back, wanting to stand on the head of the guy lying under the carpet, but she couldn’t fit beside the wall. Many of them walked very carefully because they were carrying drinks. Then two of us lie next to each other on the ground because the girl was scared that she would hurt us. But her boyfriend talked her into it and she finally decided to try. The scared girl was the one wearing the stockings with the pink ends – you will see what she will do later on herself and how she will trample full force in high heels. She will do it the longest in the film. Then she will invite another girl in beautiful, black suede high-heels. The girl in black high-heels is trying out standing on the head, but you can’t really see it that well from the side camera angle. You can see, however, the guy’s damaged hand from her stepping on it with her heels. The girl in stockings tries standing on his head, and she seems a bit better at it. We switch places and now it’s my turn again to lie under the carpet. But before I was able to wrap myself up, I was tested without the protective covering. She liked it so much that the moment I wrapped myself up, she started to walk all over me again. When I wanted to show her with my hands where the best spot to step on was, she simply stepped on my hands and that was that. Even the waitress approached us and asked if she can try because she said she was watching us and really liked it but she never stepped on anyone before – now was her chance. One thing that really hurt was when this girl didn’t want to step on me and tried to go around me but she ended up stepping on the pinky finger of my right hand with her heel. I made a close-up of that scene. Then we decided to take group photos of the four girls standing on top of us. They were standing there a long time and posed well for the photographer – I don’t have the photos. Unfortunately, she crushed the rug so much that you can only see the top part of the shoes. Then I asked one of them to stand and dig in her heels really hard. Even though it was through the carpet, it still hurt bad. Then we pose for photos again, this time with three girls. We were trampled a total of 153 times. Tme: 1h.05.56 min.

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