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Foot Fetish

Hidden Camera

Nica & Masopl


N e w   M o v i e

The girls decided that they would sit on the boy in such a way as their dice application would show them. They determined that winks 1 and 2 would mean sitting on legs, 3 is the abdomen, 4 the chest and 5 and 6 are the head. So they started having fun and had to switch places many times. Time: 13,09 min.
Carpet man 7
This time I was invited to Gda?sk for the Baltic Fetish Factory party. I wasn't alone, I shared a carpet with two friends. We attached a banner for the party to the carpet.The spot was fantastic, right near the entrance, divided by a metal railing. The men walked on one side and the women walked on our side. Women walked over us a total of 193 times! Of course some of the women walked over us several times since there weren't that many girls there. The best was when they stood on us in pairs and one time even three got on top of us at once . I can't wait for the next party. Time: 47.40 min.
Under the shoes !
Two girls dominate the boy with their heels. One is wearing black shiny ones, the other one is wearing black suede shoes. They stick their heels into him, wipe their soles on his face, make him lick their heels and soles. They have a great time doing it, drinking wine and recording it from their perspective.They pour wine into his mouth. They start to get rougher, kicking his face and sticking their heels into his mouth. At the end he got slapped a bunch of times and really hard too.Time: 32.26 min.

L a s t   M o v i e

Human doormat

Fakir 7

A live runway

Trio without shoes

Step on him

A small trample party 4

It wasn't easy

Sexy black high heels

Face and head sitting

Bear for trampling 2

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Bench 17

Bus stop 10

Stairs 05

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