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Foot Fetish

Hidden Camera

Nica & Masopl


N e w   M o v i e

Fakir 3

I am raising the bar and this time I will try to survive four girls standing on a board with nails in it.

First the girls weigh themselves and stand one at a time, from lightest to heaviest.

Then I choose two girls to stand on me at once with a combined weight of 115,6 kg. / 343,7 lbs and 125,3 kg. / 276,2 lbs

Then we form groups of three with a total weight of 166,6 kg. / 267,3 lbs and 176 kg. / 388 lbs.

Finally, all four climb on. I managed to break the previous record and reached 218,1 kilograms / 480,83 lbs

Time: 15,38 min.
6 standing girls

All of the girls in this film are doing this for the first time.

Before this I filmed a fakir scene with them, where they stood on a board with nails in it and the nails were pointed in my direction.

Then I asked four of them to stand on me because I wanted to photograph their heels; they asked why only four and not all of them.

The film was shot with five cameras, so you can watch the scene in detail from several angles.

Time: 8.02 min.

Human doormat

This film was shot at a performance party, where I was a supposed to be a human doormat. The party was open to everyone and it took place in a public art gallery. At the beginning of the party, the emcee told everyone that I am the human doormat and encouraged all the women to use the doormat. The first group of guests complied and I was able to clean their shoes a bit. The next group of people didn’t notice what was lying on the floor. The footage that I filmed was five and a half hours long, but I only included the parts where people were walking over me. The comments are in Polish so most of you won‘t understand them, but since I was completely still, people thought that I was a manequin and they wanted to avoid stepping on it cause they thought it would break. I didn’t say anything. Everyone was looking at me and taking pictures. Yet I was still able to capture 25 minutes of footage where people were stepping on me. So I invite you to see what this looks like in a completely public place, not a private fetish party. Too bad it was winter and there was only one pair of high heels. The film was shot with two cameras, so you can see the entire figures of the people and shots of them walking on the doormat. Time: 25.09 min.

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