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Foot Fetish

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Fakir 4

At first I weighed all the girls that came to the party. This time I took turns putting one on top of me, then two, then three, and finally four at once. Unlike the previous film, I chose four of the heaviest girls from the group of twenty. Will the weight exceed a quarter of a ton? You'll have to watch the film to find out.

Time: 22.52 min.
15 standing girls

After six girls, it was time to raise the stakes and make 15 girls get on top of me. Four of the girls stand barefoot on their shins because they couldn't manage to stand in their high-heels when we were rehearsing. The rest of the girls are in high-heels. They were taking their time getting on top of me and when a few of them got on top, the rest were chit-catting so I was lying there under that sweet weight on a cold, hard floor. Even when I'm lying on the floor crushed, I still managed to give them directions on what to do. The film is shot from five different sources, so you can see really well how it all looked from every angle. Nothing is overlooked.

Time: 12,07 min.

Under the board 13

The guys really got a workout. Instead of standing on the guys all at once, the girls were taking turns standing on the board and were inviting others to come up. So the guy was lying under 150 kilos, then 250, then 350 and waiting for all of them to get on. After a while, all 10 girls climbed on top and their combined weight was 525,6 kg. - 1158 lb. Then two more guys volunteered. One took on 10 girls weighing 525,6 kg. - 1158 lb. and the other took 11 girls weighing 534,7 kg. - 1178 lb. Then the first guy came back and he made all the girls stand on him and not only on the board either, but also on his legs. In total, 17 girls.

Time: 32,20 min.

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