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Foot Fetish

Hidden Camera

Nica & Masopl


N e w   M o v i e

Under the mattres 4

A sandwich. Two mattresses. I lie on one of them while the other is covered. The girls tie them together so they won't slide off. The girls are supposed to dance in their shoes on the matress for two songs. It was more like jumping on the matress rather than dancing. They jumped on my legs, back and head. It doesn't look like much, but believe me the girls really gave me a hard workout. I was bending underneath those matresses like a spring and my back hurt for a week.

 Time: 18,44 min.
Welcome 2

Four girls are guests at our party. After they enter the house, they are supposed to wipe off their shoes, take off their coats, clean their soles on his tongue and step off his head onto the floor.

Time: 8,47 min.

Under sofa 3

A leather foldout couch, believe me it isn't light. The girls put it on both of us and sit on top of it. They were given a camera to record what they saw. They put their shoes on our faces, massaged us with their shoes, and made us lick their soles. Two of the girls are at a trample party for the first time. Then they take off their shoes and do the same thing only in stockings.

Time: 17,10 min.

L a s t   M o v i e

Human doormat

Cock trample 22

15 standing girls

Carpet man 6

17 standing girls in sneakers 2

In the bathroom

Multitrampling with 9 girls

Two men under a board

On the runway

Trample mix 05

R e m a s t e r e d

Fetish 1

Foot party 1

Pub 7

Trades of fashion 2006

Cock trample 14

Foot fetish

Ball trample

Car 1

Flat soles

Mummy 4

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