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Foot Fetish

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A small trample party 4
This film is a combination of all the clips:"Welcome 4","Trio in shoes","Trio without shoes","Let's dance on top of him","Bridge","Twister","Step on him","Jumping","Standing on his face" and "Multitrampling with 6 girls".
Time: 2h 16min 58 sec.
Carpet man 7
This time I was invited to Gda?sk for the Baltic Fetish Factory party. I wasn't alone, I shared a carpet with two friends. We attached a banner for the party to the carpet.The spot was fantastic, right near the entrance, divided by a metal railing. The men walked on one side and the women walked on our side. Women walked over us a total of 193 times! Of course some of the women walked over us several times since there weren't that many girls there. The best was when they stood on us in pairs and one time even three got on top of us at once . I can't wait for the next party. Time: 47.40 min.
A few kicks
The girls catch the boy by the clothes and throw him on the floor. They kick him a few times probably very gently at the beginning. In the corner of the room they go at him harder, stepping and stomping on him. He did not give up, and they got tired. They made him lick their shoes. They force him to lie on his belly by kicking him and then the hard kicking begins. The two step on his back and start stomping on him real hard. One stands on his head and the other makes him lick the tips of her shoes. Then they move under the window and continue kicking him, standing on his head, forcing him to lick their shoes so that he almost swallows them. One of them walked on him in her heels, while the second one wiped the soles of her shoes on his face. Time: 13,39 min.

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Human doormat

Fakir 7

A live runway

Trio without shoes

Step on him


Multitrampling with 6 girls

Sexy black high heels

Face and head sitting

Bear for trampling 2

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Shoes and foot 01

Tub 1

Stairs 02

Stairs 03

Stairs 04

Stairs 05

Stairs 06

Stairs 07

Stairs 08

Stairs 09

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