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Foot Fetish

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Trampling in the dark

We decided to cover our friend with a rug so that the girls would not know in what position he is lying down. The only giveaway was his hand. 12 girls get on top of him in the dark and feel out how he is lying with their legs. They are supposed to dance for the entire song. At the end of the song, however, he takes the carpet off because he didn’t have enough air to breathe.
Time: 8.57 min.
A live runway

Five guys serve as a runway for the girls. The girls get in pairs and walk over the bellies of five guys lying on the floor. Then they change and they do it again and again several times. Each of us was trampled 77 times.

Time: 12,24 min.
Bear for trampling 2

I’ve put on a teddy bear costume for the second time. This time I was in Katowice. Some people recognized me from pictures and to others I was a big surprise and a total stranger. Two Times I had guests lying next to me, first a friend who came with me lay down beside me and two girls trampled on his back. The suprising thing was that the girl who was walking on top of me decided to lie down and see what it was like to be trampled over. First a girl in black thick-soled sandals walked over her, then her partner, who was wearing Doc Martens, stood on top of her.Luckily, only girls walked on top of me. Notice the girl in the long dress and flat shoes. Her trampling was very unusual, she was walking on her toes and heels and on top of that she was very heavy, which made it difficult for me to breathe. She took off her shoes and walked only in pantyhose. She was on top of me the longest and I think she really liked it. A few girls were also talked into walking on the bear’s head. At the end, another girl who was afraid that she will hurt me was stepping very apprehensively until she finally dared to stand on me. Unfortunately one camera stopped recording at the beginning of the event and all the shots are from behind the heads. But they are probably the most interesting shots. I was trampled 95 times in total. Time: 36,01 min

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Human doormat

Fakir 7

On the belly and the hands

Carpet man 6

17 standing girls in sneakers 2

Licking soles and heels

Bear for trampling

Under the mattres 4

On the runway

A dance floor made of four guys

R e m a s t e r e d

Dangle 10

Photo session of Asia & Blondi 2

Photo session of Blondi 2

Tickle play 36

Tickle play 37

Easter bunny

Making of photo session of Asia

Making of photo session of Blondi

Making of photo session of Asia & Blondi

Trampling 13

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